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Recruiting Services

In Today's business environment, skilled personnel are an increasingly scarce commodity. Highly motivated, top-notch personnel are available. However finding them, attracting them and retaining them is more difficult than ever before. Finding the "right" position or employee requires an intense search of job markets and availability.

We have three goals on each search assignment:

  1. To provide the best match available.
  2. To fill your requirements.
  3. To understand our customers and clients. When you hire Charles Scott, our consultants are your tools. We pride ourselves on accomplishing your goals.

We don't second guess or make your decisions.

Charles Scott Enterprises offers a full range of Employer and Candidate Services. We are a contingency placement firm. We are paid only when we find you the match you want and have been looking for. We are affiliated with numerous independent national recruiting companies. We can assure you qualified local, national and world-wide opportunities.

A thorough interview process is completed on each applicant. We try to completely cover all aspects of candidate requirements including relocation, salary and family needs. When we qualify candidates we ask to see certifications, proof of training, we ask detailed questions on experiences and attitudes (adaptable, goal oriented, flexible).

The services we offer include: Matching clients and candidate needs. Coordinating phone interviews, travel arrangements, salary & benefits requirements. We help ensure both Client and Candidate are in a win-win situation. Our goal is to make this match a final career move.

Our staff is available to you when you need them. We have individual email and voice messaging and 24 hour answering. Our central location (Omaha Nebraska) allows timely and easy phone access nationwide.

Our staff promotes the needs of both client and candidate. We understand the forces affecting business today. We understand the need for well trained, dedicated workers, who add a dynamic asset to your company. We recognize the needs of workers for active exciting work environments.

We introduce companies and people who understand the dynamic environments necessary to stimulate personal and corporate growth.